Littlest Pet Shop

The Littlest Pet Shop toys were introduced in the year 1992 by Kenner and then reintroduced by HASBRO in 2005 with a brand new design and look. The new HASBRO line of the Littlest Pet Shop toys has sold over 60 million products. These products include animal figurines, places for you to play with them, and even digital hand-held pets. There are Stamper Pets that consist of an animal figurine on top and a rolling stamper underneath. Chattering Pets are a set of three animals that make different noises depending on which animal set you get. Littlest Pet shop animals have even been featured in fast food happy meals. Most of the animals come with ID tags, food dishes, toys, and some even come with homes. Some examples of animals you can find are dogs, kittens, horses, mice, chameleons, bunnies, panda, elephants, penguins, fish, and monkeys.

There have been many different play sets released so your child can enjoy playing with the creatures in a variety of locations. There is the Beethoven set, which comes with Saint Bernard dogs. The Family sets come with animal mom’s that have magnetized babies so your child can recreate the nursing process. The Adoption Center has cages for different creatures, and includes 2 husky dogs. Your child can pretend to exercise their animal with the Fitness Center, which includes 2 exclusive figures. Your child can also pretend to babysit pets with the daycare center, which comes with 1 animal and a removable jungle gym. Deco Pets are available to help with your child’s creative side by letting them decorate their own pet with included stickers, glue, glitter and a collar. The Littlest Pet Shop Postcard Pet’s include one pet, accessories and a postcard you can send to friends. Teeniest Tiniest Pet Shop Pets are also available. These are mini versions of the normal pets and include play sets such as a pasture, the desert, an island, a mouse cage, and an aquarium.

Virtual Interactive Pets (VIPs) let you enter a code from the collar of a Littlest Pet Shop animal and be part of the online interactive world. Here, your child can name their pet, dress them, and play games to earn Kibble Points to buy them things.

The Littlest Pet Shop brand also has many other p

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